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The energy industry is poised for change. Customers are tired of traditional energy providers after decades of unpredictable rate increases, lack of innovation, and poor reliability. SoCal Solar Power is California’s premier residential solar energy provider. Find out how our services can benefit you with a lower electric bill.

The new age of energy is here, where you have the freedom to choose how you get your electric power. This program is not available to all Southern California Edison customers but if you are a homeowner, there’s a good chance you do qualify.


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We will configure the perfect system for your home based on your specific needs at no cost to you. If you qualify, you simply need to agree to paying a lower electric bill than you are currently paying.

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Free Solar Panels

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Helping Southern California Homeowners Save

Southern California Edison, the local power company, has come under fire in recent years for its tiered rate system. This system charges homeowners different rates for using electricity at different times of the day. The rates are designed to encourage homeowners to use less electricity during peak hours. However, this system can be unpredictable and it can lead to large rate increases. In addition, Southern California Edison has been known to have blackouts. These blackouts can last for hours or even days.

In contrast, our energy provider does not have a tiered rate system. We also do not have a time of use schedule. This means that homeowners can use electricity at any time without fear of an unpredictable rate increase or blackout. In addition, our energy provider offers a locked-in rate. This means that homeowners can be sure that their rates will not increase for the duration of their contract.

We have helped thousands switch their energy provider. Unlike Southern California Edison, we do not have a tiered rate nor do we have a time of use schedule. So, there are no unpredictable rate increases, blackouts, or usage penalties. Lock in your rate, and we will design a system to meet your needs. Not all homeowners are eligible but, we can help you determine if your home qualifies.

Once you qualify, a representative will go to your home to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the service. There are no hidden fees, in fact, there are no fees other than a lower electric bill than you are currently paying.